Here are the results from this past weekend New England Ultras
200 Miles
4 Starters
1. John Bridges M 32 69:59

100 Miles
9 Starters
1. Courtenay Guertin M 33 26:58
2. Al Laporte M 39 30:57
3. Randy Dietz M 58 31:57
4. Ri Fahnestock M 29 34:19

50 Milers
8 Starters
1. Ben Nephew M 33 8:56
2. John Fegyveresi M 31 11:55
3. Austin Stonebraker M 29 13:26
4. Charlotte Vasarhelyi F 32 14:12
5. Sharon Zelinski F 43 14:25
5. John Turner M 49 14:25
7. Jennifer-Anne Mineri F 33 15:50

Of course it wouldn’t be my style if I didn’t take some time to share the experience with you all. All in due time. I’m totally wrecked from directing the race this weekend. All told, I was awake for over 89 Hours and only managed to get 5 hours of sleep sprinkled into that time frame. My body hates me! So, once I get a chance to catch up with school and life.. I’ll be sure to report here how things went and to tell you why I’ll probably never direct another race in the immediate future. It certainly had its highs and lows, and was an experience I’ll never forget.

In the mean time.. its election day. The first votes in the entire nation are cast here in New Hampshire on election day in a tiny town called Dixville Notch. Dixville Notch has a population of 21 people, and at midnight on the day of the elections they cast their votes. Very early this morning, Obama won the town 15-6. I’m off to the polls to perform my civic duty. I hope you will as well.