Sarah entertained me with a very cool weekend in North Conway. As we made our way into town Saturday night and checked into the Holiday Inn Express, we had a chance encounter with David Breashears in the hotels Lobby. David is the producer of the Everest IMAX film that played nationwide in IMAX Theaters. He is also spoken of in John Krakauers Book, Into Thin Air. It was definitely a thrill to share some earth if him for a bit.

Sunday we headed over to the Kancamagus Highway where we parked at the Albany Covered bridge to head out on a short 3 mile hike of the Boulder Loop Trail.

Temps had soared into the lower 50’s here in the great white hell… er… ah.. North. We could have hiked in short sleeves except the winds were a changin’. Winds were shifting from the South to the North and with the change came snow showers and dropping temps. In the hour and a half it took us to hike the 3 mile loop, the temp dropped some 10 degrees. We parked the car and strapped on our snowshoes and enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll of the Boulder Loop Trail. I was amazed at how little snow there was in the north country in comparison to what we have down on the seacoast. Its been a tough winter for sure.

As we made our way up past the initial boulder fields, along the banks of the Swift River, we were in awe of the ice hanging off of the many cliff sides.

Making our way to the first initial set of ledges, we admired various animal tracks the included deer, moose, bobcat and some hawk/eagle feathers that we found.

We continued on our hike making our way to the ledges of the boulder loop and enjoying the gorgeous views while the wicked Northerly winds continued to usher in a new shot of frigid air and some more winter-like snow showers. We enjoyed some spectacular views of Chocorua, Passaconaway and Whiteface, Various peaks to the east and the valley to the west. It was a gorgeous day to be in the mountains and it was great to find a wonderful place to reap the benefits therein. Peace, quiet, tranquility and savage nature. The mountains are good for the soul, and while many of our friends are stuck peak-bagging the 4k’s.. we found the same solace in a tinier place with all the same benefits. I cannot wait to return to these mountains over the next 2 weekends!