San Francisco Day 1
Golden Gate and Muir Woods
Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I landed in San Fran around Noon on Tuesday and immediately found my host for the weekend, Alyssa Skye. We got in her sweet WRX Impreza and headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf for lunch. My first order of business was to down a wonderfully smooth Fat Tire Amber Ale, which I did accompanied by the munching of a Buffalo Burger. The wharf reminded me of some of the walk ways at Disney, tight wanderings with many color shops lining the walk way on each side. After lunch, we bought some chocolates and then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s much larger then I thought it would be (size wise) but shorter distance wise at only 1.07 miles in length. After we parked on the North end of the bridge, we changed into our running gear and headed down the sidewalk and I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine to walk/run across the bridge. The bridge was noisy as all hell given the fact that US Highway 101 is what rushes across it’s span. The sidewalk is crowded with walkers, runners, bikers and maintenance crews whose job is never ending. As we ran across the vast expanse, We could see Alcatraz to our East being engulfed by fog that was now shrouding the bridge itself. Once we got to the south end, we turned around and headed back to the side we started on.

After our Golden Gate adventure was over we continued to drive into Marin County and made our way along the winding roads to the Muir Woods parking lot. Here we filled up our water bottles and got on the Dipsea Trail. We started by running through the Redwood Forest as hyms of “This Land Is Our Land” resonated through my mind.

I find the trails to be so surprisingly easy to run. Not a rock or root to be found, I felt like I was cheating compared to what I am used to here in New Hampshire. Regardless, I was enjoying the hot and somewhat humid weather as I bounded up and over the large Marin Hills. After we crested the hill we were on, we headed down towards Stinson Beach where I put my feet into the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life.

After visiting the gorgeous Stinson Beach, we turned back and went back to where we started via the Dipsea Trail, completing what is more commonly known as The Double Dipsea. It was an amazing first day in California and I was excited to have completed so much all ready while on my short visit.

Day 1 Miles: 12


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