San Francisco Day 2
Point Reyes National Seashore
Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We made our way through the winding roads of the area and headed for Point Reyes National Seashore. Our plan today was to check out a map, run to the ocean and then head up and over Mount Wittenberg (1,407 ft). We decided to take the Bear Valley Trail down to Arch Rock. The trail was mellow for the most part, running primarily downhill to arch rock. Once we go to the Rock, we stood on the top and enjoyed more magnificent views of the seashore, where waves crashed ferociously against the cliff sides.

After enjoying the views we decided to stroll down to the water and check out the Arch. While down there we explored the cliff sides and the tidal pools which was full of creature. Lined Craps hid in tiny holes in the rocks, Sea Stars and Anemones sucked firmly onto rocks. It really was a neat place to explore and to be introduced to sea life I’ve never seen before.

After spending about an hour on the shore, we turned around and headed back up to the top of the arch where we continued our run. We headed for Mount Wittenberg. The trail rounded its way up and over a few false summits before we finally got to climbing the actual summit area. Somewhere near the top, we went off trail and took a shortcut to the top. While hiking through the grassy meadow, we looked up to see a herd of Deer munching on the area flora. We stopped and enjoyed our company as well as the vast views of the area seashore. It was beyond peaceful as a light breeze brushed across our faces.

After completing our run, we got in the car and drove to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. The ocean definitely made it a bit cooler on this side of the Point. We bundled up and walked out to the long staircase, which was closed, and enjoyed taking a look at the house. The views of the ocean from up here are vast and dizzying. Regardless, such a beautiful place.

Day 2 Miles: 11


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