Grand Slam Race #2
Project 2010 Race #4
Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run (& Ride)
Woodstock – VT (One Big Loop)
102 Miles
14,000′ of Climb : 14,000′ of Descent
July 17-18, 2010

It seems like only yesterday that I was running 100 miles through the rugged hills of the Sierra Nevada… perhaps that feeling is simply because it practically was yesterday. Three weeks is all that separates the Western States 100 and the Vermont 100, the two oldest 100 mile races in the country. For those who know the history of Ultra-running (100s) in America, you’ll also know that Vermont is one of the very few (2) races that still holds a horse race along side the running event. Vermont is also the 2nd race in the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning, finishing the race signifies the halfway point in the summer long journey. It’s also race number four on our year long Project 2010.

I LOVE VERMONT. This truly is the race, of all the 100s, that I love the most. I’ve come to know the course like the back of my hand. I reply sections of it in my head on a daily basis.. always dreaming of the next time I’ll get to run through the fields of Vermont on a fiery summer day. Temps are looking to soar into the mid 80’s with the air being a thick hazy, hot and humid. We’re likely to get our yearly Friday night dinner time thunderstorm. And it’s going to be a cool night on the way to Bill’s Barn. Yes, as you might be able to tell, I actually do get pretty damn excited for this race. Call it home field jitters, home field advantage and home field excitement. I’m stoked… I’m ready to go.. let’s do this!

For the fourth year in a row I’ll be sporting bib# 100 at this race. It’s my lucky number of course. My crew is sure to be huge! If you’re going to the race, be sure to say hello to Team Sherpa. They’ll be wearing the white hats and visors (Thanks Headsweats!) that say “Human Potential” on them. They’ll be having a hell of a time, they might even share their Long Trail Ale!! Sarah, Mike, Loni, Steve, Josh, Leah and my rookie Pacer Katie. I’ve got a dream team this year! We’re going for that 4th buckle in a row! Lets see if these legs have the gas to do it!

Sarah will be providing updates via cell phone on my twitter account:
Check in to get race updates of yours truly!

2007: 23:19
2008: 23:37
2009: 23:27
2010: ???

2010 Race Goals:
1.) Finish
2.) Sub 24 Hours
3.) Sub 23 Hours


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  1. Good Luck and have fun!

    …and…I hate to be one of those people, but Vermont isn't the second oldest 100 miler in the country – it's been around just since 1989. Leadville, Old Dominion and Wasatch are all older.


  2. Hey, it was fun to bump in to you and your crew at Camp 10 Bear. I was the volunteer that weighed you and came over and spoke about 4000 footers. You've become quite the folk hero, that's cool! My partner Jayne and I live in Lebanon, but I am originally from the Raymond/Derry epicenter. haha. Haven't seen results yet, hope you met your goals. Fun to see you. Vanessa Brown


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