I find myself thinking quite often, “What will happen to my blog after I move?” There’s no question that there are a collection of things I could talk about on here. Thoughts, opinions, reviews, stories.. but it’s different now. I’m in a new location. Gone are the woods I knew so well. Well, I mean, they’re still there just more than 2000 miles away now. So here I am in a new place, with a new history to learn, new thoughts and opinions, new stories to tell. I’d like to think that right now is one of the most exciting times on this blog. Mainly because as I continue to explore Colorado, I get to take you on the journey with me. I also get to share this new journey in my life. It’s so exciting. I still cannot believe that I did it. I packed up everything I own, and moved thousands of miles from “home.” Most people dream of doing something like this, only thinking about it, I actually did it. But I guess that’s my nature. Whenever I think of something and make a goal, seldom do I not achieve it.

So it is with curiosity that I went out for my first run and first hike in Colorado. The first place I went was to the Marshall Mesa just over the bridge and in Superior, CO. The Coalton Trailhead is a measly 3 miles from my front door. I decided that I wanted to run 6 miles across the treeless hill, a Mesa.. aka.. Flat topped hill. However, I’m still not adequately acclimated to the elevation here. My new apartment sits at 5,500′ elevation. Still, I took off down the Coalton Rd running pass free range cattle. The cowboys were out steering them to the appropriate pastures for grazing. I walk briskly up the trail to the top and fail to realize that I’m all ready 1.5 Miles from the car.

It’s incredibly hard to judge depth perception here. I take a left and run a few more clicks down the trail deciding to turn back at the third power pole given my shortness of breath. Maybe I’m just out of shape. As I run back down the trail I run back into Sarah who agreed to come out for a walk. We walk together back towards the car and I convince her to run for a bit.

As we bound down the trail we run past Prairie Dogs and Bobtail Rabbits. Many new birds we don’t know the names of yet though their songs are new and intriguing. It’s early in the morning yet and we’re thankful as cool temps still hang over the prairie. In the heat of the day, this place I’m sure, is an oven. I ran 3.5 miles today yet it felt like 1.

Mesa Trail
My former professor and now colleague, Mike Gass, recommended to us that we hike the Mesa trail once we get into town. In fact, many other people, magazines, online reports etc. also recommended that we take to the Mesa Trail. The MT travels under the Flat Irons of Boulder. We started at the Chautauqua Meadow and head south. The place is packed with holiday weekend hikers and runners alike. I’m talking… a few hundred people clog the meadows trails. But soon we leave the meadow and head south along the Mesa Trail. We still struggle a bit on uphill battles. Stairways to heaven that lead us to the top of the ridge lines then long winding single track that winds us back down into the next canyon. As we march along the Mesa Trail, red dust billows up from our feet as we shuffle across the arid land. The sun is hot above as we marvel at the many curiosities of the Flat Irons. The Irons themselves, the Devils Thumb and another precariously hanging boulder.
After while we make it to our bail trail. Because of a Road Bike Race called, The Morgul Classic, we were forced to park at another spot other then the South Mesa Trail Trailhead. Instead, we parked at the South Boulder Creek Trail. Our final miles of the 8 mile hike were through open pasture. The sun beating down on us while we navigating around a few hundred cow patties. They come in many shapes and sizes for sure. It was another prefect day for exploring as many more are sure to come.

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