It’s been an interesting week since I wrote about my soul sucking trek up Bear Peak. I starter my internship on Wednesday and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. I did manage to get out on Thursday Night for a sunset run along the Coal Creek Path. This paved path travels right by our front door here in Louisville. If I head north on it, it terminates about 1.25 miles from here at it’s junction at the middle school on Via Appia (Street Name). To the south, I can take this trail to it’s connection with a vast trail network which stretches for unimaginable distances. No seriously.. I can probably run all the way to the continental divide from my front door without having to run much on pavement. It’s 28 miles to the divide on trail by the way. ::wink wink:: Anyway, my sunset run afforded me a chance to watch the sun set behind the Flat Irons of Boulder. It was breath taking.

On Friday we had an orientation at work. We started our morning by driving up to Estes Park. We are currently the only guide service permitted to guide in Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park and the Roosevelt National Forest. We started our morning with some rock climbing just down the road from the lodge we service. After that fun, we drove up Trail Ridge Road to Rainbow curve which is where the gates had be closed prevented cars from traveling ahead. The road was buried with some 22 feet of snow in placed up until last week. Road crews have been removing snow so they can open the road entirely, and allow it to serve its purpose as a thru-way to Granby. At Rainbow Curve (elevation 10,875′) we got out of the van and hopped onto bikes. From here, we rode uphill along trail ridge road. While some of my co-workers rode to the highest point of the road, I topped myself out at Forest Canyon (11,758′) Getting up here was quite the chore for me as I sucked wind almost the entire way. After a wonderful break chatting with co-workers and enjoying views of the Continental Divide, we turned around in the 40 degree temps and bombed back down the road at high speeds all the way back to the gate and the van. From here, I drove the van as a sag wagon and followed those who wanted to ride all the way back down to Estes Park. What a thrill!

22′ of snow
The Mummy Range


Finally, after a Saturday or Disc Golf and BBQing with friends in Boulder. I started my Sunday with a run over on the Marshall Mesa/Community Ditch. The Prairie Dogs are out in full force, screeching their ways around the mesa. These things are fun to watch. Cute little buggers too.

On Wednesday, I’ll tell you about my Sunday Drive to the top of Mount Evans, 14,100+ Feet in Elevation. Stay Tuned!