A friend of mine sent me this video the other day and I just have to share it with everyone I can. It is insanely powerful on so many levels. In my inability to truly find the words, I’m taking a caption from Jerry Armstrong’s Blog. Jerry posted the video over there after I shared it with him, and his words capture my thoughts perfectly. 

From Jerry: “This video captures the feeling and experience of a great 100 mile mountain ultra. Time stands still, and the sun rises and falls. The night comes and goes…and we just keep running. As ultra-endurance athletes, we come to experience nature in a much different way…we work with the earth and come to know the subtle changes that happen every day and throughout the year. Changes and adaptation to environmental factors like cold, wind, water erosion, light, and dark, shape the earth into its magnificence. Ultra athletes, too, are shaped by these forces, and the mental and physiological adaptation that takes place develops us into advanced versions of our previous selves.”

Amen Jerry… I’ll have to add that once again.. Ultra’s are metaphors for life. Enjoy!