It was in 2004 when I took to New Hampshire’s White Mountains to complete my quest to hike NH’s 4000 Footers. 48 peaks that rise 4,000′ above sea level, (an internal joke now that I live at 5,350′) that have been gathered on a list made by Appalachian Mountain Club members back in 1957. Since then, it is estimated that over 9,000 hikers have ever “officially” hiked the list of peaks. It is estimated that there are literally thousands more who have completed the list and never applied for official recognition. Even more spectacular, less then 500 have ever completed the list in winter and around 50 have completed them in ONE winter season.

In 2004, I carried a video camera with me and documented my journey of finishing the list. I told the story of how the “48” came to be, who started the craze, how they started it; who climbs these mountains and investigated why. I shot over 5 hours of raw footage and spent nearly 4 months crafting it into a one hour documentary film. I toured all over New England with the finished product, selling over 800 DVD copies and donating over $25,000 of the net proceeds to diabetes research.
Over the years, requests for copies of the film have come in spurts. Now, it’s usually the curious few who want to see the film, and I estimate that thousands of Northeast peak-baggers have never even heard of it’s existence. It’s been seven years since the films original release in January 2005 and in that time.. the most common request was to see it on YouTube. The time has come.

On March 29, 2012.. 7 years, 2 months and 2 days after it’s original release; “48” was made available for FREE, for all to see, on YouTube. We’ve finally done this, in good faith to our viewers, so that “48” can be shared with the many who have never seen it before, those whose old copy has finally run it’s course can see it again, and with the intent to inspire countless others to reach for and summit the many peaks in their lives.