“Ten Percent of running an Ultramarathon is the actual running, the other 90 Percent is mental.”

Over the last decade, there have been many films produced and released that try and capture the essence of Ultra running. Most, if not all, of these films capture the grueling physical toll on running great distances itself, or put on the display the actual race itself. So few of these films truly capture the essence of the mental aspect of running one-hundred miles. Movies can show the course all they want and show you the beauty that one sees while running these grueling events…. it’s a given. Movies have shown us the physical training and athletisism needed to endure the distance. But so few films have focused on the true  90 Percent running an ultra is… mental.

I’ve completed the production of my newest film titled, 90 Percent. This short film, I feel, introduces audiences to 2 ultra-marathon runners living in Colorado’s Front Range; whom prepare for and run in the 2012 Big Horn 100 Mile Endurance Run, the races 20th Anniversary Running. The film briefly follows these runners as they take on the Big Horn 100 and will capture their most intimate and candid thoughts throughout the race, as they run with handheld cameras. And yes… I’m one of those runners. 

Below is the video. You can watch it here or on YouTube. It’s not what I consider to be my greatest work. But let’s face it, running 100 miles is hard enough without filming and talking into a camera mid race. I’d like to thank Shannon Price for his help and willingness to profile himself during the run. I hope all who watch the film will walk away with the desire to want to know more… comments are welcome.


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  1. With respect I offer this: I've run ultras and believe me–the physical aspect of it is a whole lot more than 10%
    I usually find quotes that ultras are all mental come from people who have never run one or are sport's psychologist types.
    You will undergo severe physical challenges and stresses when you run a true ultra and they will have the potential to stop you from physically going on.


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