“Finally took a moment to sit back in the chair and reflect on another weekend at The Grand Canyon. Something about that place is sheer voodoo.. and in a good way. It’s magic is unmatched, it pulls you in. When you leave the ditch, some how your soul stays behind for awhile.. freakin… un… real.”

I had another amazing adventure in The Grand Canyon. This years run took me from The North Rim to the South Rim via Bright Angel Trail and back. The adventure measured 52 miles with a side trip to Ribbon Falls on the way back to cool down. It took me 14 hours and 12 minutes to complete this years run (R2R2R Time) and 14:27 with the run to and from camp. 3 hours shorter than last years adventure. A more detailed report is coming soon, but for now.. please enjoy this years 7 minute video of the fun we all had. Huge thanks to my friends from the Front Range who joined me.


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