48: A White Mountain Documentary Film 

“In the summer of 2004, 22-year-old hiker John Lacroix set out to finish the mission he’d begun in 1992. He wanted to complete the list. With 30 peaks to go, he decided to capture his incredible, emotional journey forever. By summer’s end, Lacroix had fulfilled his aspirations and completed the full 48. And now, Lacroix is bringing his adventure to the masses. “48”, the first ever documentary film to detail the history of the Four Thousand Footer Club, and a full chronicle of Lacroix’s journey, introduces audiences to the physical challenges, emotional highs and lows and unparalleled sense of victory involved in peak-bagging. Viewers  experience the incredible people, sights and sounds that Lacroix encountered during his journey.”

~From the Back Cover of the “48” DVD
©Stone Face Productions 2004

“48” was released on Saturday, January 29, 2005 at Pinkerton Academy’s Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, NH. Since it’s release, Team Sherpa has distributed over 800 DVD copies of the 1-hour long documentary. Initially, net proceeds totaling more than $25,000 from the sale of “48”, were donated to The American Diabetes Association Research Foundation. “48” is the first film ever produced that specifically focuses on the “sport” of peak-bagging.

Public Viewings
“48” has been shown at numerous locations across New England and Colorado. Retail Stores, Outdoor Clubs, Boy Scout and Cub Scout meetings, Hotels and Resorts, Colleges/Universities and High Schools; “48” continues to be shown publicly at a variety of locations. For more information on how you can host a public or private showing of “48” please contact sherpajohn@gmail.com or visit our Speaking Engagements Page.

2/13/05 Portsmouth Herald: Because It’s There – Lessons Learned Along The Way Of The Great ’48’
Other appearances include WMUR’s New Hampshire Chronicle.

The production of official DVD copies of “48” concluded in late 2006. The film is now available, Free, on YouTube. You can view the video here or by visiting our YouTube Channel. It is our hope that the Free sharing of this video will inspire countless others to summit the many peaks in their lives.