In October 2008, “Sherpa” John Lacroix became the first person to ever run across the entire widest part of New Hampshire without stopping. His West to East route started on New Hampshire’s border with Brattleboro Vermont and stretched 125 miles to Odiorne Point at the Atlantic Ocean. In 2009, Lacroix repeated the feat by running a similar, though shorter, route of 120 miles. Below are the reports from these two life changing events.


Run Across New Hampshire History
1980: Michael White
1997 & 2002: Mike Beeman (N > S in 8 Days)
2003: Kurt Stuke (W -> E Over 9 Saturdays)
2008: Sherpa John Lacroix (W > E)
2009: Sherpa John Lacroix (W > E)
2011: David Salvas (N > S)
2013: David Salvas (W > E; 1st Ever to do both N-S and W-E, and Oldest)